2019 couldn't start much better!

On January 7th Radware Inc., a NASDAQ listed American company, distributed the news, that it has acquired our portfolio company Shieldsquare.

We are very happy for the founders, who built Shieldsquare over 5 year and we are very thankful to the team, that we were able to be with the company as investors and partners for 3 years. That's how it is: The goal is to invest in companies and sell it later. In reality the moment you exit there is also a sad feeling, because of all that relations, which will end by that step. Life shows, you meet everyone twice. In case of the Shieldsquare team this is something we're already looking forward to!

The picture shows last time I have visited Pavan in his new Bangalore office in HSR-layout. They had decorated their entrance with the Superheros-Sign and Pavan rightly posted himself in the picture.