AECAL joins hands with Startup Europe India Network



In an endeavor to bridge the gap between India and Europe’s business landscape, we are pleased to partner with Startup Europe India Network. This partnership will further strengthen the AECAL’s efforts to have better intersection between India and Europe’s startup network.

SEU-IN_blue (2)

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN) is a high-caliber network connecting the European and Indian Startup ecosystems for catalyzing growth and investments. Like AECAL, SEU-IN believes that digital and ICT are changing the world by disrupting various industries. SEU-IN aims to globalise the startup ecosystems by connecting two major markets – Europe and India, to leverage the immense untapped potential. We admire the collaborative effort of SEU-IN in bringing India and Europe closer.

AECAL and SEU-IN will work together on various aspects to bring India and Europe’s business network closer. It includes work closely together deal flow, collaborative investments and organizing meaningful community events. AECAL and SEU-In share the mutual objective of bringing the opportunities that Digital India offer to European partners and investors.

Excited about this development, Dominik Gyllensvärd, Co-founder and Partner at AECAL, said “This partnership will increase the strength of both our networks and build a powerful platform that is beneficial to our partners and clients”.

With this partnership, we surely have interesting developments happening. Stay tuned!